My Experience with

                When I first started posting for, I had no idea what I was doing. I had written a few articles for my blog, but never formally for a legitimate news website. My first post was about the raise in the standards for teaching candidates in New Jersey. I didn’t know how to structure the post, how to send it in, or whether or not anyone would actually read it. I didn’t realize the amount of research and work that goes into one of these posts. My next one was my least favorite of all of my posts and its about police brutality in Atlantic City. Looking back on this article, I believe my writing seemed forced and jumbled. The way it most of the sentences were structured was un-appealing and difficult to read. I vastly improved after this article with my next one about Chris Christie and his disapproving attitude toward some Colorado politicians. It was better structured and the sentences were written much better, after I had received some pointers from more experienced people.

                My second week I wanted to try and showcase how diverse I can be by writing about 3 very different subjects. My first article of the week is still my most controversial as it has received the most comments of any of my other articles. It is about a new type of “smart gun” in development that could be on New Jersey shelves in the next few years. I was fascinated by the subject of gun control, because so many people across the country feel so strongly about it. My second article of the week was on the violations found in several New Jersey power plants. The ABC news article that I found my information from had me surprised and confused at how so many nuclear power plants were operating with so many health violations. My final article of the week was on something that seems to be on the rise and that’s sexual interaction between teachers and students. Even though this is not something that is national news, the number of cases had been growing and it caught my eye when choosing a subject to write about. After two weeks I had begun to feel more confident in my posts, and was beginning to get the “hang of it.”

                The Third week was when I finally began to write about the topic I love which is sports. I began with an article about Pacman jones threatening David Nelson of the New York Jets. It was my first official sports article and I wanted to make it as good as possible. It didn’t live up to my expectations due to several sentence errors, but it was first time writing a sports article and its turned out pretty well. My second article was on the rise of young New jersey natives on the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I believe I showed much improvement in the span of one article. I concluded this week by switching to a more touching story of a wrongly accused murderer who had finally been freed after 19 years in jail. All in all my third week had me excited for my future as a writer.

                My last week, I wanted to branch out and write about new topics to broaden my categorical diversity.  My first one I wrote about the change of cholesterol levels by a panel of doctors and scientists.  My first health article took up several hours of research just to learn the basis of my subject. I to make sure I knew everything about cholesterol levels before so I didn’t sound like an idiot when I was writing about it. After writing about health, I wanted to write about the typhoon in haiti, because so few people were talking about it that I wanted to spread the word. Destruction and devastation like that cause by Typhoon Haiyan can only be fixed by the governments of the worls banding together to assist this colossal annihilation of a country. After four weeks of writing different posts for I have learned a lot. My articles, which before I thought were excellent, still require me to work much harder to surpass my colleagues and peers.





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