Save the Pike Creek Golf Club

The Slideshow I created is something I feel very strongly about. I live right beside the old golf course you see in this slideshow, I have grown up playing and sledding on there. If developers decide to finally build homes on it then the place around where I live becomes an overcrowded mess. Never do you see parks or open land anymore, because construction companies see that as an opportunity ot build another mall, or another home and every human being needs to experience a little bit of nature to keep us close to the outdoors. People who live in cities have become de-sensitized to the destruction of forests and habitats, but by living near it and being able to see it I believe become less willing to build on land. Using a DSLR camera and narrating over top of it I was able to express how beautiful yet trashed this area really is. This experience not only helped me to spread the word about an atrocity that is occurring, but exposed me to a new sort of media that can help spread ideas to others.



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