UD RUgby Recieves 5 year ban

In the above video I was tasked with creating a movie using the 5 shot sequence as used by most newscasts. I chose to make the video about the UD Rugby team and their 5 year ban after the I’m Schmacked “riot” at UD. The video is not actual video, but a dramatization of the actual events that occurred. I wanted to portray it in an absurd way to show how ridiculous the situation actually is. The fact that it’s being called a riot is absurd and insanely blown out of proportion. I also believe people retain knowledge better when it’s presented in a comedic fashion rather than a straight forward informative piece. The actual five shot sequence I struggled with at the beginning, but as soon as I grasped a hold of how to do it, the video began to come together nicely. For those of you who don’t know what the five shot sequence is, its begins with a close up on the action, leads to a close up of the subject performing the action, then to a wide shot of the person performing the action, then to a Point-of-View shot, and concluding with a shot of choice. This video was made by me and two of my best friends Dan Pierce and Mike Jameison.



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