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Intro to my online portfolio

Welcome to my online portfolio, my name is Kyle Hutchison and I am a student at the University of Delaware. I have worked all semester on several different projects which I intend to highlight and discuss throughout. I believe that these projects and articles will not only show how hard I work, but how versatile […]

About Me

As I stated in my intro my name is Kyle Hutchison and I am currently a student at the University of Delaware. Majoring in communications with a minor in journalism, my goal is to become a sports writer. I have already completed and received my associate in the arts from the University of Delaware and […]

Save the Pike Creek Golf Club

The Slideshow I created is something I feel very strongly about. I live right beside the old golf course you see in this slideshow, I have grown up playing and sledding on there. If developers decide to finally build homes on it then the place around where I live becomes an overcrowded mess. Never do […]

Digital Images

These images I was required to take for an assignment in my digital journalism class were something, at first; I was not excited to do. I have never used a Digital-single-lens-reflex (DSLR) camera before, and when I began to take pictures with it I began to realize how much skill it takes to be a […]

UD RUgby Recieves 5 year ban

In the above video I was tasked with creating a movie using the 5 shot sequence as used by most newscasts. I chose to make the video about the UD Rugby team and their 5 year ban after the I’m Schmacked “riot” at UD. The video is not actual video, but a dramatization of the […]

My Experience with

                When I first started posting for, I had no idea what I was doing. I had written a few articles for my blog, but never formally for a legitimate news website. My first post was about the raise in the standards for teaching candidates in New Jersey. I didn’t know how to structure […]